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Coding foil Coding foil

We are one of the market leaders in coding foil,marking inks, secondary packaging machines, batch-printing systems and contact coder machines for marking of statutory variable information on packaged goods,such as Batch No., Date Of Mfg., Expiry Date, Lot No., Pkd No., M.R.P. etc.

Our HC3 type coding foil are used on various industries like: Dairy, Biscuits, Spices, Bakery, Agro-foods, Various Food and Beverages industries, Bulk Packaging, Cosmetics, FMCG and scores of other industries.

Black, Red, Blue, White, Gold, Silver
25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm
100M, 120M, 122M, 150M, 183M, 200M, 250M, 300M
Printing temp.
100-160 Degree
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Dairy, Biscuits, Spices, Bakery, Argo-foods,
Various Food and Beverages industries,
Bulk Packaging, Cosmetics,
FMCG and scores of other industries.
To print Batch No., Date Of Mfg.,
 Expiry Date, Lot No., Pkd No., M.R.P.
Used on Machine
HP241B/Electric HP241
Pneumatic hot foil coding machine
Printing temperature
100--160 Degree
Product features
Quick-drying, High temperature resistance,
Tolerance cooking, High resolution, 
Good printing,Strong adhesion,
 Excellent resistance to friction, Easy to use.
The relationship between printing speed and temperature?
Pressure not change,Faster printing speed need higher temperature.
On the contrary, slower printing speed need lower temperature the printing temperature need change,
according to Environmental temperature and packing material
The length is enough?
On each slitter have machine for calculating the number of meters
We also have Quality inspection personnel to check the length
The ribbon is placed for a long time, how about quality?
No exposure to light, No affected by moisture, can stock about 2 years
 Our factory can produce any size and color, according to Clients demand
One of SizePieces per cartonDetail per cartonsWeight per Carton(kgs)Volume per Carton
25*120100 Pieces One Carton=20 bundles
One bundle=5 pcs
Total is 100pcs






Our factroy are making Coating and producing Jumbo size
Usual Jumbo size: 500mm*3000M, 840*45000M, and other size 

We have the Self-operate Import and Export License, and already established business with many regions, including Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, ect.

Henan Union Coding Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer for TTO ribbon, TTR ribbon, Coding foil, Hot ink roller, Label paper, Coding machine and TTO Intelligent Printer

Our factory has 80 employees and 20 coating production lines, producing 380 million square meters hot stamping foils every year, engaging in coding solutions for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and other Packaging Industries.

We pay high attention to Product Quality, Technological Innovation, according to the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

We are always pursuing the perfect coding effect, working together with all of our Clients to create bright future.